Panel Spray Painting - Black Mirror:Beyond The Sea

Backdrop Panel Spray Painting

PBM Paints was tasked with enhancing the visual aesthetics of the set for the ‘Black Mirror’ episode “Beyond the Sea”. The team was responsible for spray painting panels that formed the backdrop for a scene in the episode. The team paid careful attention to detail to ensure that the colours were accurate and that the panels blended seamlessly together.

The team began by priming the panels with a white base coat. This helped to ensure that the colours would be vibrant and true to life. Once the primer was dry, the team began painting the panels in the desired colours. We used a variety of spray painting techniques to achieve the desired effects. 

The team worked carefully and precisely to ensure that the colours were evenly applied. They also took care to avoid any drips or runs. Once all of the panels were painted, the team allowed them to dry completely

The team’s work on the Black Mirror episode “Beyond the Sea” was a great success. The panels they painted created a stunning backdrop for the episode. The colours were vibrant and true to life, and the panels blended seamlessly together. The team’s attention to detail ensured that the finished product was top-notch.