UPVC Painting Services in Sussex

PBM Paints provides specialised uPVC painting services in Sussex that breathe new life into your property’s exterior and interior. Our skilled team understands the significance of visual appeal and durability, making us the ideal choice for your uPVC transformation needs. With great attention to detail and a commitment to using top-quality materials, we ensure that your doors, windows, and cladding receive a flawless finish that withstands the test of time and the elements.


PBM Paints recognises that uPVC surfaces demand a specialised approach beyond ordinary paint applications. Our strategy encompasses the utilisation of premium materials and advanced techniques, ensuring not only a striking visual enhancement but also reinforced endurance against environmental factors. Whether your intention is to invigorate your home’s appearance or enhance its value for a potential future sale, our expert uPVC painting services offer the ideal solution. Rely on us to elevate your Sussex property with a touch of finesse and expertise that surpasses the conventional.

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Modernise Your Home or Business With uPVC Painting in Sussex

Revitalise your home’s aesthetic appeal with PBM Paints’ uPVC spray painting services in Sussex. Our expertise brings a touch of modernity to your property’s exterior, breathing new life into uPVC surfaces. The process involves utilising advanced spray techniques to achieve a sleek, uniform finish that instantly updates the look of your doors, windows, and cladding.

Our uPVC spray painting services offer a cost-effective solution for homeowners seeking a contemporary makeover. Whether you desire a subtle transformation or a more obvious change of aesthetics, our skilled team provides a diverse range of colour options to suit your preferences. With a focus on detail and using high-quality paints, we ensure the longevity of the finish while enhancing the resilience of your uPVC surfaces against the elements.

Boost Curb Appeal With Our uPVC Painting Services

Elevate your property’s curb appeal through PBM Paints’ uPVC painting services in Sussex. Our specialised approach is designed to enhance the visual charm of your home’s exterior, adding a touch of the modern style that captivates passersby and visitors.

With a deep understanding of the significance of a captivating exterior, our uPVC painting services offer a revitalising transformation for your doors, windows, and cladding. By utilising premium materials and expert techniques, we ensure a flawless and lasting finish that harmonises with your property’s style and withstands the challenges of weather and time.

PBM Paints’ commitment to detail and quality means you can confidently boost your property’s curb appeal with our professional uPVC painting services. Whether you’re aiming to refresh the look for your own enjoyment or looking to increase the market value of your home, our team is dedicated to providing an exceptional makeover that leaves a lasting impression on your Sussex property.

our process

Cleaning & Degreasing

Masking To Protect
Surrounding Areas


Quality Control

Unmasking & Re-Sealing

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Cost-Effective uPVC Painting

Experience budget-friendly uPVC transformations with PBM Paints’ cost-effective solutions. Our uPVC transformation services offer a wallet-friendly approach to rejuvenate the appearance of your property’s exterior. We understand that improving your home’s aesthetics shouldn’t strain your budget, which is why our specialised techniques and skilled professionals ensure maximum value for your investment.

With PBM Paints, you don’t need to compromise on quality to receive affordable services. Our team utilises efficient uPVC painting methods, coupled with high-quality paints, to deliver impressive results without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking to refresh your doors, windows, or cladding, our cost-effective uPVC transformations provide an attractive facelift that transforms the overall look of your property.

Revitalise your home’s exterior without the hefty price tag through PBM Paints’ cost-effective uPVC transformation services. Experience the impact of a renewed appearance that not only adds visual appeal but also enhances the longevity of your uPVC surfaces, making them more resistant to the elements over time.

Specialists In Window uPVC Spray Painting

PBM Paints provide expert uPVC window painting services in Sussex and other surrounding and nearby areas. Our specialised services redefine the appeal of your property’s windows, merging style with durability for a lasting impact. Our skilled team comprehends the intricacies of uPVC surfaces, employing advanced techniques and premium paints to ensure a flawless finish that revitalises your windows.

With a keen eye for detail, we go beyond standard paint applications, transforming your uPVC windows into standout features that enhance curb appeal. Our uPVC window painting services offer a diverse range of colours and finishes to match your vision, while our commitment to quality ensures the paint’s longevity against weathering.

Experience the difference that expert uPVC window painting can provide to your property. Trust PBM Paints to deliver exceptional results that not only reflect our prowess but also bring a touch of elegance and distinction to your Sussex home.

Local Leading uPVC Door Painting

Discover the artistry of uPVC door transformation with PBM Paints’ expert painting services. Our specialised expertise brings a fresh perspective to your property’s entrance, ensuring that your uPVC doors become captivating focal points. We understand that doors are not just functional; they’re essential components of your home’s aesthetic.

PBM Paints excels in the delicate craft of uPVC door painting, where precision and creativity intersect. Our skilled professionals thoroughly prepare and paint uPVC doors, revitalising their appearance and harmonising them with your property’s style. From classic to contemporary, we offer an array of color options to suit your preferences.

With a focus on durability and visual appeal, our uPVC door painting services deliver results that transcend the ordinary. Whether you’re aiming to refresh your home’s look or make a striking statement, trust PBM Paints to breathe new life into your uPVC doors. Experience a welcoming entrance that speaks volumes about your property’s character and charm.

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types of spray painting

door spray painting

PBM Paints are experts in providing professional door spraying services that are efficient yet also high-quality. From wooden to uPVC door spray painting, our team has access to the best equipment, paints, and knowledge to provide you with the finish that you are looking for.

window spray painting

Window spray painting is the most popular service for the team here at PBM Paints. With over 500 satisfied clients who received uPVC window spray painting in Redhill, we are the local go-to company for window refurbishment requirements.

garage door spray painting

Garage doors can take up a large amount of exterior real estate when it comes to your property, so it is important to ensure that they look good and match your property’s aesthetics. The experts at PBM Paints are on-hand and ready to provide you with high-quality garage door spray painting services.

conservatory spray painting

Conservatories for properties both commercial and residential, can get old and outdated. Their looks may become lackluster when compared to the rest of your home or garden, this is where PBM Paints can help. We provide local leading conservatory spray painting services that our previous customers love.

shopfront spray painting

Shopfronts are extremely important when it comes to a brand or company’s first impression from a physical location. The experts at PBM Paints have many years of experience in providing shopfront spray painting services that leave your business establishment with a professional look.

soffit fascia spray painting

Soffit & Fascias usually go under the radar by homeowners and aren’t always seen as a priority when it comes to your home’s aesthetics. However, neglecting soffit fascia spray painting services will become more noticeable than you think. The experts at PBM Provide efficient, effective, and top-quality painting services.

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Everyone’s Talking About Us

PBM Paints were contacted to quote for repainting a front door inside and out. High quality essential. Ben responded quickly and provided a quote which was accepted. Ryan arrived on time and was extremely professional, taking care to produce a superb job. Both Ben and Ryan were helpful, efficient and knowledgable. Strongly recommended.
Emma Neave-Smith
Emma Neave-Smith
I recently had two radiators sprayed by PBM Paints at their premises in Redhill, they did a fantastic job of colour matching and I’m really pleased with the satin finish! Would definitely use again
John H Smith
John H Smith
PBM Paints take a bit of finding, and their sign is near impossible to see from the road, but persevere as they do a great job and are a really good company to deal with.
Great place if you need windows and doors painted, friendly people
Colin Wooldridge
Colin Wooldridge
These guys seriously know their business. Excellent finish every time i have used them....and that is a lot of times.
Chris Dungate
Chris Dungate
When I emailed PBM paints, they actually came back to me very quick which impressed me as not many companies seem that bothered, Ben was very pleasant when he collected our wardrobe doors and also very careful, ( another issue I find with companies care not important) our doors arrived back looking absolutely great a really impressive work of art they are completely transformed, Ben and his colleague (apologies for not asking your name) took the doors upstairs for us very helpful, cannot fault this company in any way and would definitely recommend them now looking around to see what else needs spraying.
Katherine Lamping
Katherine Lamping
My enquiry was to spray paint a double garage door, we have received excellent service from Ben and Ryan. We are absolutely delighted with our ‘New’ door. We can’t recommend PBM paints highly enough.
Mehmet Cemal
Mehmet Cemal
Professional and outstanding quality of work. fair pricing and flawless execution and service. highly recommended.
Vicki Russell
Vicki Russell
From my first phone call to the door being painted, everyone at PBM Paints was a delight to deal with. They were helpful, knowledgable and professional. We're so pleased with the finished results! If you are bored with the colour of your front door- get it painted!

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Frequently Asked Questions

UPVC spray painting is a specialised process where a fine mist of paint is applied using a spray gun to uPVC surfaces such as doors, windows, and cladding. It offers a smooth, even finish that rejuvenates the appearance of these surfaces.

UPVC spray painting offers a cost-effective way to transform the look of your property. It provides a uniform finish, modernizes outdated surfaces, and increases the longevity of your UPVC fixtures.

Yes, UPVC spray painting offers a wide range of colour options, allowing you to choose a colour that suits your preferences and complements your property’s aesthetics.

When done professionally, UPVC spray paint can last for several years, provided that high-quality paints and proper preparation techniques are used. Weather conditions and maintenance practices can also influence the longevity.

Yes, UPVC spray paint is designed to be weather-resistant. High-quality paints offer protection against UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations, ensuring the paint retains its vibrancy and finish.