Can You Paint uPVC Windows?

uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is a very popular choice of window sill, especially in the UK. It is lightweight, durable and can have both a modern or traditional style to it. The strength and durability of this plastic-type material makes it a great frame for both double and triple-glazing glass. However, what about when you want to transform the look of your home’s exterior and interior? Can you paint uPVC windows? 

Yes, you can paint uPVC windows. Advancements in modern paint now allows for uPVC windows, doors soffits, fascias and more, to be painted in pretty much any colour you can think of. Whether you need to modernise or give your home a touch of your own taste, painting uPVC windows is definitely possible.

Homeowners often have white uPVC windows or windows in a brown oak colour. Many inquire about the possibility of painting brown uPVC windows back to white, and once again, the answer is yes! Regardless of the current colour of your uPVC door or windows, they can be sprayed with a new colour.

There are many questions and queries about painting uPVC windows, and we aim to answer all of them in this article. 

Should You Replace Or Paint uPVC Windows? 

When it comes to PVC or uPVC double glazing, it is undeniably an attractive and long-lasting choice for windows. The fresh and pristine appearance it has when new is truly remarkable. However, over time, exposure to sunlight and rain can cause the uPVC plastic to fade and lose its initial allure.

Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning can restore the lost luster and shine. This often leads many homeowners to consider replacing their uPVC units. This process has many drawbacks including being disruptive and expensive. 

However, there is now an alternative solution that changes the game…

An exciting new development awaits us – the ability to paint uPVC Windows! Thanks to the innovative work of dedicated individuals developing paint in laboratories, we can all now transform our uPVC Windows much like we would paint our walls. Granted, the process may not be identical, but it has become remarkably simpler to paint uPVC Windows.

The greatest advantage of choosing to paint rather than replace your uPVC Windows is the substantial cost savings of up to 75%. Moreover, the painting process is quicker and significantly less disruptive to your home. Therefore, maintaining a comfortable living environment throughout and allowing you to enjoy the refreshed appearance of your windows sooner.

Opting to paint your uPVC windows instead of replacing them also helps reduce waste. By refreshing and reusing your existing windows, you contribute to a more sustainable approach by reducing the manufacturing of new materials. The paint acts as a protective layer, shielding your windows from environmental factors (UV radiation and moisture) which can cause fading and deterioration.

In the 1980s, uPVC windows burst onto the scene as the new desirable home improvement item. Within a few years, every street across the UK boasted rows upon rows of uPVC windows and doors. They exuded a sleek appearance and required minimal maintenance. However, as time passed, they inevitably lost their luster, leaving us with rows upon rows of lackluster, worn-out uPVC windows. Thankfully, the ingenious work of lab enthusiasts has come to our rescue with uPVC paint!

The Benefits of Painting uPVC:

uPVC is a modernly used material for many things such as window sills, doors and more. But, why would you want to have uPVC over more traditional materials such as wood or aluminium? And, more importantly, why would you bother painting uPVC windows? Below are the benefits of painting and bringing your uPVC windows back to life. 

Significant Cost Savings

One of the main benefits and attractions of painting uPVC windows is the fact that it is affordable. Even when hiring a professional spray painter to paint your windows, it works out a lot more affordable than buying replacement window/s. Not only this, but you will have the window in any chosen or desired colour. 

This leads us to the next benefit…

Customised Paint Colour

One of the benefits that attract people most to spray painting uPVC windows is the fact that you can make it look exactly how you want. Whether you want a certain colour, texture or finish; there are almost no limits. uPVC painting is one of the best options for a bespoke look for your windows.

Improved Appearance

Much like the previous benefit, a key benefit of painting uPVC is that you can really transform the look. You can literally turn your home’s interior and exterior from looking old and outdated to modern, with just a few fresh layers of paint. 


On top of improving the looks and aesthetics of your windows and property, uPVC spray painting also adds a layer of protection. This works by the paint layers acting as a protector against chipping, scratches and cracks. We always advise getting your windows spray painted, even if you want the colour to remain the same, simply for the protection aspect!

Easy Maintenance

Spray-painted uPVC windows are also very easy to maintain and clean. Simply get some water and soap and clean the surface gently and then dry with a dry towel or microfibre cloth. Of course, it can depend on which uPVC paint you decide to go with, but most of the time the maintenance process is this simple. 

Does it matter how old my uPVC windows are?

So it has been confirmed that painting UPVC windows is indeed possible. The only situation where caution is advised is when the UPVC windows are brand new. In such cases, a specific type of paint designed for UPVC is required, as it forms a seal and adheres to the window material. Freshly installed UPVC poses a challenge to the adhesion of UPVC paint. However, since the majority of UPVC windows in the country are already established rather than new, this limitation should not affect most individuals.

What are my uPVC window paint colour options?

One compelling reason to consider painting your uPVC windows is the extensive range of colours available. The options are truly remarkable, allowing homeowners to select any desired colour and enhance the style of their homes. The RAL colour chart provides an insight into the available colour choices. Moreover, in the rare event that the desired colour is not found on the chart, it is always possible to request a custom, unique colour blend.

The process of choosing a colour adds an enjoyable aspect to having your UPVC windows painted. Numerous homes and businesses have taken advantage of this opportunity to their benefit. Business owners can easily paint specific elements of their properties to align with their brand. Likewise, homeowners often opt for two complementary colours for different components of their homes, further enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Currently, the option to paint uPVC is not widely known among homeowners. However, once explored, it becomes evident that painting UPVC makes perfect sense as a cost-effective and practical solution.

Can I paint my uPVC Windows myself?

Yes! Painting your own uPVC windows is possible, but it is important to note that it is not a straightforward task. To achieve a flawless and long-lasting finish, considerable effort is required.

The preparation process holds paramount importance and, in many ways, surpasses the actual painting process. Every minuscule particle of dust must be meticulously eliminated, and the uPVC surface needs to be appropriately prepared to ensure proper adhesion of the paint.

To start this process, it is highly recommended to seek advice from professionals regarding the necessary tools for preparation as well as the appropriate type of paint to use. Their expertise and guidance will prove invaluable in achieving your desired results.

How do I paint my uPVC windows?

If you’re planning to paint UPVC windows yourself, it’s crucial to begin with a thorough cleaning of the surfaces. Grease and other hidden elements can impact the quality of the paint finish, so ensure a clean surface before proceeding.

Choosing the right paint is equally important. Make sure to use “uPVC paint,” as some varieties claim to be primer-free while others require a primer. Carefully follow the instructions provided on the paint can to achieve optimal results.

Avoid using paint that is not specifically designed for uPVC surfaces. Using incompatible paint may result in a subpar appearance or even negatively affect the overall aesthetic of the building.

When you’re ready to apply the paint, work quickly and attentively. Using a brush to paint UPVC can often lead to drips or brush marks once the paint dries. Take care to prevent any stray brush hairs from getting trapped in the paint, as many of us have experienced when painting walls or using gloss paint.

A great tip is to choose a dry and slightly warm day to paint. Extreme heat can cause the paint to dry too quickly, making it challenging to achieve an even application. Conversely, excessively cold conditions may hinder proper drying. In summary, proper preparation and readiness are key to successfully painting UPVC windows.

Can I spray paint my uPVC windows?

Yes! It is highly recommended to spray paint your uPVC windows to achieve a flawless “factory’ finish. We would also recommend hiring a professional for this task to get the best results. 

Experienced professionals take meticulous steps to ensure a high-quality outcome. They start by thoroughly cleaning the surfaces, eliminating any dirt, dust, or grease. Additionally, they carefully mask off areas that need protection from the paint. Prior to painting, the surface undergoes a process called “abrasion,” which promotes proper adhesion of the new paint and enhances the overall finish. Due to the importance of this preparation step, entrusting it to a professional is advisable to ensure long-lasting paintwork.

During the spray painting process, professionals apply a generous amount of paint, typically consisting of at least two or three coats. Achieving an even application through spraying requires skill and expertise.

Once the paint has been adequately applied, the drying process typically takes a few hours. It’s important to note that the true quality of the finish can only be fully appreciated once the paint has fully dried. Professionals wait until the drying process is complete before conducting a thorough inspection for any blemishes or issues. Although such problems are highly unlikely due to the professional execution, any imperfections are promptly rectified.

After the paint has dried, it becomes virtually impossible to discern that the UPVC windows and frames have been painted. The result is a seamless and natural appearance that seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetic.

Advantages of hiring a professional spray painter for your uPVC Windows:

  • They work efficiently and time save 
  • The finish is flawless
  • Minimal disruption to your home
  • UV protection 
  • Huge range of colour options 
  • Matt, Satin or Gloss finishes are available 
  • Long-lasting results 

Overall, by using a professional spray painter, you benefit from a great service which achieves your desired results with a long-lasting guarantee. 

So, should I paint my uPVC windows?

In summary, repainting your uPVC windows is a practical choice unless the surfaces are irreparably damaged. By opting for this option, you can expect a remarkable transformation and enhancement of your property, resulting in increased value and improved curb appeal. Research suggests that a fresh and attractive exterior could potentially boost your home’s value by up to 10 percent.

If you decide to tackle the task yourself, it is important to be well-prepared and seek professional advice whenever possible. Alternatively, hiring a professional ensures a flawless outcome. To explore your options, obtaining a no-obligation free quote can give you an idea of the pricing and allow you to make informed comparisons.

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