Is uPVC Painting Any Good?

When it comes to home improvement, uPVC has gained popularity for its durability and low maintenance features, making it a common choice for windows, doors, and various other applications. But what if you want to give your uPVC fitting a new look without replacing them entirely? That’s where uPVC painting comes into play. In this article, we’ll delve into the question, ‘Is uPVC painting any good?’ and explore the benefits, challenges, and steps involved in uPVC painting.

The Pros of uPVC Painting

Cost-Effective Transformation 

One of the main advantages of uPVC painting is its cost-effectiveness. Instead of investing in new uPVC windows or doors, painting them can provide a fresh and updated appearance at a fraction of the cost.

Wide Range of Colours

uPVC painting offers an array of colour options, allowing you to customise your home’s appearance to your liking. Whether you want a classic white, a modern anthracite grey, or a vibrant red, the choices are virtually endless. 

Curb Appeal

By painting your uPVC fitting, you can enhance your home’s curb appeal and make a positive impression on guests and passersby. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re looking to sell your property. 

Less Disruption

Painting uPVC windows and doors involves significantly less disruption compared to replacing them. This makes it a practical choice for those who want to refresh their home’s appearance without major construction work.

The Challenges of uPVC Painting

Timing is Crucial

Painting new uPVC windows and doors too soon after installation can lead to issues like peeling or flaking. It’s recommended to wait at least 12 months after installation to ensure that the protective resin coating has properly cured.

Surface Preparation is Key

Proper surface preparation is crucial for a successful uPVC painting project. Peeling paint and dirt must be removed, and the surface should be cleaned and primed to ensure good paint adhesion. 

Steps for Successful uPVC Painting

Assessment and Cleaning – Thoroughly assess the uPVC frames, clear the surrounding area, and cover flooring if necessary. Remove peeling paint and clean the surface with appropriate solutions.

Surface Preparation – Key the existing paint to create a suitable base for the new paint. Wipe clean and mask off surrounding areas to protect them from overspray. 

Paint Application – Stir the uPVC paint well and ensure it’s not too thick. Apply the paint using a spray gun, keeping the gun moving in slow, even strokes. Start from corners and protrusions before moving to larger flat areas.

Multiple Coats – Apply multiple coats of paint (usually around three) to ensure complete coverage and a smooth finish. Inspect the painted surface for blemishes and touch up as needed. 

Colour Options – uPVC painting offers a wide range of colour choices, allowing you to experiment with different looks for your home’s exterior or interior. 


So, is uPVC painting any good? The answer is a resounding yes! uPVC painting offers a cost-effective and lasting solution to refresh the appearance of your home’s windows, doors, and other refitting. While challenges like timing and proper surface preparation must be addressed, the benefits of uPVC painting far outweigh the drawbacks. With the right approach and professional assistance, you can achieve a beautiful, long-lasting finish that enhances your home’s aesthetics and curb appeal. 

If you’re interested in uPVC painting services, consider contacting experienced professionals like PBM. With years of experience and a variety of colour options, they can help you transform your uPVC fittings with confidence. Remember, uPVC painting is a viable and attractive option that can save you time, money, and the hassle of full replacement. 

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